Another one of disassembled Mickey watch to see the movement.

Camera Watch Demo:

Never mind a camera on our mobile phone, how about one on your watch? It might sound like technology of the future, but this Kilfitt UKA 659 Bond-style camera watch is very much technology of the past.

It was a one-of-a-kind prototype developed during the 1960s in the Munich laboratory of Heinz Kilfitt. The watch has a small analogue camera attached to it with High-quality Swiss work, Camera 8 Picture 5,6 x 5,6 mm round custom made slide disk, Lens Kilar 1,3/10,5mm .a shutter speed from 1/15 sec to 1/1,000 sec.
Absolutely Museum Piece! 1969 year, Munchen, only one Watches camera as prototype made.

007 watch demo :

This UNUSED vintage 007 James bond plastic and metal front plate spy watch is pretty cool. This fun vintage watch made by GILBERT measures a huge 60mm. across and includes the original box and papers. Notice the spy scope that you can pull up (carefully) from both sides.The original nato style cloth strap looks great! I love the direct read digital time display and turning world time bezel. The manual winding SWISS movement is keeping time.

Before this watch, Gilbert had been making James Bond action figures.  The watch itself measures an enormous 60mm in size, has two "sighting" scopes that can be pulled up from the large plate-case, and features an easy to read jump hour (or "digital") display, and even a world-time feature.  This Gilbert even features a SWISS movement, a mechanical one at that, not bad for a "toy".


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Carley & Clemence MK IIIA Aircraft Clock

I have just acquired this clock (Fig. 1) from the Clock Gallery shop which is missing all the hands and three knobs, I have checked this Carley & Clemence MK IIIA Aircraft Clock which the only one problem is the shaft located at 8 o'clock for main spring/time setting broken with level at upper of time setting, there is two reasons to break shaft, 1. clockwised the main spring which should be counter clockwided, 2. very hardly switched as like 4 o'clock one. So the clock was stopped at all. I beleive that the previous repairman did not find it with disassambling the all cosmetic parts and got these parts missing, it is runing and functions fine now. Please check with the original complected one (Fig. 7).

This MK IIIA is an early chronograph clock equipped into the cockpit (Fig.8) of UK RAF Spitfire (Fig. 6) in WWII and Made by UK company Carley & Clemence Ltd. in 1937.

This Swiss made movement (Fig 3 & 4) has 11 jewels and one shaft with power for 8 days plus time setting, in RAF terminology is a MK IIIA, and it looks the same as the Jaeger Chronoflite but the movement is completely different. It is a value. This clock is of approx. 93mmx93mm (3&6/8 sq. inches) with approx. 40mm (1&4/8 inches).




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Antique Watch Demo:

This is an early antique watch which was made from one with three-quarter plates movement with serial nr. 409335 by Ebauches S.A. Switzerland between around 1870 to 1890,. the whole case was made of sterling 925,.. the bezel is a beautiful light blue enamel with ripple texture and gold decoration which is resistant to acid, corrosion and weather. ..The dial was coated white enamel too with half hour gold dots... But you might be interested that 10 o'clock set at regular 12 hrs position which is a convenience angle to check the time and the crown was set at one o'clock with a time setting button beside, . the diameter of case is 28.3mm with a pair of wire lug. . The watchmaker is unknown. . This unusual piece is collected by Mr. Koony Sun.

- Written by Koony Sun on April 25, 2005 -



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Toy Watch Demo:

This is a Mickey Mouse toy watch of Walt Disney Productions which was made in Japan by Louis Marx who was a famous US train model company. From the back picture, you could see MCMLXXIII of Roman number that is meaning made in 1973. It is made of all plastic watch case even inside train in different each color wheel except a seesaw metal weight for acting as balance wheel plus escapement functions which could be seen the inside parts from see-through dial for the kid education. The hour and minute hands are as same Mickey's hands as the usual Mickey Mouse watch. The diamenter is 41mm, and thickness is 21mm with curved backside. it was patent pending when it had been producted. There are three these kind of Walt Disney toy watches collected by Mr. Koony Sun.

- Updated by Koony Sun on June 16, 2005 -


Braille Watch Demo :

This is one of seldom braille watches made by Auguste Reymond of Switzerland and his regarding braille watches are used ARSA brand. You see the button at 2 o'clock position when you push it, the bezel with crystal will be spring opened for blind who could use his/her finger tip to touch directly on the hour/minute hands and Braille to know the time. Therefore the hour/minute hands should be much much stronger than the regular ones to sustain the finger touch. The movement is 17 jewels winding type made by Fabrque d'Ebauches Unitas S.A., Tramelan. The watch case is gold filled with stainless steel back and manufacture serial number 411036. The diameter is 35mm and thickness is 10mm and dial is an enamel coating to prevent scratched, corrosion or wet. It is owned by Mr. Koony Sun

- Written by Koony Sun on May 28, 2005 -



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Earliest Watch Demo :

This Diana brand lady watch could be said the one of earliest wristwatch which was used Cylinder Escapement that was invented by Tompion, Booth and Houghton in era 1695. The movement is Swiss Made and used a simple balance wheel without temperature compensation yet , the manufacturer is unknown. The size of case is 28mm diameter with a pair of smaller wire lugs and thickness is 10mm which was made of brass with gold plated and a glass crystal top, but the goldplate has been gone. The hands is Roskopf/Spade style and dial is gold superfine texture. The strap is an original 10mm wide adjustable length black cloth with a bouble clip-on sheet buckle. This watch is owned by Mr. Koony Sun.

- Written by Koony Sun on May 28, 2005 -



Travel Clock Demo

This is an older travel clock which was made up a suitcase style of genuine leather with hanging the name tag. You see there are three travel sticks pasted up the front face as St. Moritz, Bruxelles and London. From the open-up picture, you could see "Kohler" brand, the luminous hour and minute hands with hour dots too. The size is L83mm x H76mm x W31mm. The back of clock was engraved "GERMANY US ZONE" which is meant that made within during between 1945 and 1955 at post WWII of US Zone off Germany territory under Allied occupation. This travel clock made during this special event with unusual style is owned by Mr. Koony Sun.

- Written by Koony Sun on June 4, 2005 -



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Ham Clock Demo

This is a "KENWOOD HAM CLOCK". Amateur Radio Operator is offen called Radio Operator or simply "Ham". This ham clock shows 24 hours of countries and territories with each country ham code, so it is a very convenience for Ham to check the time everywhere in the world to communicate with another party of the Ham. The world map with 24 hour's countries, country ham codes and minute scale were printed on base as the dial, also shown Central Time at center top. And the 24 hours disk is transparence with day and night, the silver minute hand with orange tip is 60 minutes per cycle. the second is an orange plane on the transparent disk too. The face size is W170mm x H190mm. It is a fully mechanical clock with D type battery operated motor to replace main spring. Therefore the motor speed is very fast which could not be applied to clock movement directly, so it should be designed to wind a spring every eight minutes by a switch to control the tension of spring without over winding to drive the clock movement indirectly. So that this is an one of earliest battery operated mechanical clock in the world, it was manufactured in 1974 by Nit Toh Clock Co. Japan, Model No. HC-2, Serial number 3802. Now, this special ham clock has being used by myself for my doing internet and Facebook worldwide.

- Rewritten by Koony Sun on January 1, 2011 -



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Ticket Clock Demo

This novelty Plato Clock was patented by Eugene Fitch of NYC invented in 1903, which is also called "Flick leaf Clock" or "Ticket Clock" that is an earlist digital clock. It resembled a lantern base on the story that plato used a lantern-shaped clock. It shows the time in figures on celluloid tickets, of which there are to sets, one above the other, for hours and minutes. The tickets are like leaves of a cylindrical book which flip round at the minutes and hours. This square lantern one was made in 1907 by Ansonia Clock Co. New York, there are several kind shapes of Ticket Clock such as square and round cylindrical lanterns or stove shapes and glass dome. The size of this one is 120mm high plus handle 35mm X 75mm wide x 68mm deep.

- Written by Koony Sun September 12, 2006 -


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Purse Watch Demo

This is a small compact Wittnauer purse watch which is size L37.5mm x W37.5mm x H12mm and it can be opened up to put on the desk as look like a travel clock. The whole case was made of rustless alloy silver 425. The hour and minute hands is Alpha/Skeleton style with luminous inner. The second hand with small subdial located at the below position of main dial. The bow is for close and open case too. The movement is 76/1 REVUE 17 jewels winding type. This special compact purse watch is owned by Mr. Koony Sun.

- Written by Koony Sun on June 8, 2005 -



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LED Watch Demo

LED watches first came onto the market in early 1970s. these were the first watches to use the current advances in modern electronics micro-circuit, the Light Emitting Diode (LED). A few year later, the technology behind Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) would advance enough for them to take over.

This is one of first LED watches manufactured by National Semiconductor. There are two bottons located at rightside of watch, the upper one is pushed once for time to display only 3 seconds to save the power consumption and twice for month and date, the lower one is a setting button. Usually, the LED watch is red LED with red crystal on top. This is one of several LED watches collected by Mr. Koony Sun.

National Semiconductor is one of biggest leaders in semiconductor supplier with headquarters in Santa Clara, California, NS had annual sales of 2.0 billion in fiscal 2004 and about 11,000 employees worldwide. A pioneer in the semiconductor industry, NS was established in 1959 in Danbury, Connecticut.

- Written by Koony Sun on August 2, 2005 -




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Cyber Talking Watch Demo :

This is a cybernetics Talking Watch for the person who is presbyopia, vision defect or blind, it will be telling the time of morning or afternoon in a greeting of Japanese sentence when push right upper "TALKING" button. Even you push the "HOUR" or "MINUTE", it could tell the morning or afternoon of setting hour or minute at each button. And set alarm time to push "MODE" function button as well as telling the the setting time too which is really very useful one for the vision defect or blind persons. also it could be on-off talking for each RightTime hour Announce. Of course the normal user could use it at night without light or you don't like to watch the time at daytime. The brand is marked J-axis on the stainless steel back cover and it is a plastic watch case 48.8mmL X 33.8mmW X 12.2mm H Which is a curvex back and comfortably fit to wrist wearing with blue rubber strap. It is owned by Koony Sun.
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- Writes on June 3, 2006 by Koony Sun -