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AVIATOR PENS © by KoonySun AirBase

Space Pen

During the space race back in the 1960's, NASA was faced with a major problem. When the astronauts began to fly, like the Russians, they used pencils, but the leads sometimes broke and became a hazard by floating in the capsule's atmosphere where there was no gravity. They could float into an eye or nose or cause a short in an electrical device. In addition, both the lead and the wood of the pencil could burn rapidly in the pure oxygen atmosphere. The astronaut needed a pen that would write in the vacuum of space, because of the fire in Apollo 1, in which three Astronauts died, NASA required a writing instrument that would not burn in a 100% oxygen atmosphere. It also had to work in the extreme conditions of outer space such as in a vacuum, with no gravity and in hot temperatures of +150°C in sunlight and also in the cold shadows of space where the temperatures drop to -120°C.

Pressurized ball pen refill

The pressurized ball pen refill had been solved the problem which was invented by Mr. Paul C. Fisher and was used in the outter space after 1968. The technical structure is an ultra-hard Tungesten carbide ball on the tip for extrmely durable writing smoothly on any surface which is supported by a precision-machined stainless steel socket to prevents leaks and oozing with delivering instant ink flow. The Thixotropic ink is applied in a hermetically sealed and pressurized reservoir writes three times longer which is sliding float separated ink from pressurized Nitrogen gas and the tube is securely sealed at end by a gas plug. it writes smoothly and dependably on most surfaces, even under water, over fingerprints, in freezing cold, extreme heat and in space or upside down. Ink will not dry out for over 100 years.
--Written by Koony Sun on March 10, 2006--



First AirShip - LZ1
Construction of the first Zeppelin airship began in 1899 in a floating assembly hall on Lake Constance in the Bay of Manzell, Friedrichshafen of South Germany. This location was intended to facilitate the difficult starting procedure, as the hall could easily be aligned with the wind. The prototype airship LZ1 (LZ for "Luftschiff ('Airship') Zeppelin") had a length of 128 m, was driven by two 14.2 horsepower (10.6 kW) Daimler engines and was balanced by moving a weight between its two nacelles.

The first ascent of LZ1 over Lake Constance in 1900.

The first Zeppelin flight occurred on July 2, 1900 over Lake Constance. It lasted for only 18 minutes before the LZ1 was forced to land on the lake after the winding mechanism for the balancing weight broke. Upon repair, the technology proved its potential in subsequent flights (Its second flight was in October 1900. The third and final flight was on October 24, 1900.), beating the 6 m/s velocity record of the French airship La France by 3 m/s. But this performance was unable to convince possible investors. With his financial resources depleted, Count von Zeppelin was forced to disassemble the prototype, sell it for scrap, and close the company.

First AirShip Space Pen by KoonySun AirBase

. * State of art hightec space style.
.. * Size 142mm lenght X 12mm diameter.

* The pressurized ball pen refill used for writing any altitude, temperature & surface.
.. * Smooth shinning chrome plated on both end metals and clip.
.. * Hightec silver color carbonate fiber glass with dusty free by skinning resin over barrel.

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StarLight ball Pen by KoonySun AirBase

* Smooth space style.
Size 126mm lenght X 12mm diamenter on cap.
.. *
whole barrel shinning chrome platted and cap too.
.. *
Normal ball pen refill.
.. * The cap can be snapped on either side of pen.
* Bright LED StarLight by conveniently pressing LED end on anywhere to ON and press again to OFF when your flying.
.. *
PDA Stylus on the tip of cap.



PearlHarbor© Pens by KoonySun AirBase

Fig. 1 .......................................................Fig. 2
Fig. 1 Satellite image of Pearl Harbor. Hickam AFB and Honolulu International Airport occupy the lower right corner. Fig. 2 Aerial view of Pearl Harbor, Ford Island in center. The Arizona memorial is the small white speck on the far right side close to Ford Island

Pearl Harbor was originally an extensive, shallow embayment called Wai Momi (meaning "water of pearl") or Pu‘uloa by the Hawaiians. Pu‘uloa was regarded as the home of the shark goddess Ka‘ahupahau and her brother, Kahi‘uka. The harbor was teeming with pearl-producing oysters until the late 1800's.

. Fig 3

. Fig 4

Welcome to Hickam Air Force Base !
Home of the 15th Airlift Wing and 140 tenant and associate units including Pacific Air Forces Headquarters and the Hawaii Air National Guard.

PearlHarbor Pencil by KoonySun AirBase
.. * Classical 1940's style.
.. * Mechanics Pencil.
* 0.5 mm lead used.
.. * Hexagon pearl texture acrylic barrel by hand shaping.
.. * Size 11mm diameter X 150mm lengh.
.. *
15 grams weigh.

PearlHarbor Ball Pen by KoonySun AirBase
.. * Classical 1940's style.
.. * German non-dry refill ball pen.
.. * Medium lettering.
.. * Hexagon pearl texture acrylic barrel by hand shaping.
.. * Size 13.2mm diameter X 135mm

.. * 22 grams weigh.

PearHarbor Fountain Pen by KoonySun AirBase
.. * Classical 1940's style.

.. * German medium nib.
.. * Vacuum piston convertor.
.. * Hexagon pearl texture acrylic barrel & cap by hand shaping.

.. * Size 14.1mm diameter X 134 mm lengh.

.. * 22 grams weigh.
...*. It is noted that any fountain pen might not be suitably carried with you in the flight due to the leakage in atmospheric of high altitude.





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